Welcome to AIVL’s National NSP Directory. There are several search options available to assist you in finding the services you require.

First, click on the state or territory that you wish to search within. You can search by suburb, postcode, site name, and phone number. For ease of access, we recommend searching by suburb and postcode. Please note that while we have made every possible effort to have current and up to date information, some entries may have information missing or have undergone changes to address, phone number or operating hours. Please contact us if there are necessary updates.

Please note that this directory covers primary and secondary Needle Syringe Programs (NSPs). It has also included rehabilitation centres, sexual health clinics and other services that distribute injecting equipment in some states and jurisdictions. Whilst every effort has been made to attempt to include all NSPs  Australia wide with information that is current at the time of publication,  AIVL acknowledges that this directory is likely to contain errors and some services may not be represented or have as a consequence of time and change, been listed in error. This is to the best of our knowledge, the only nationwide NSP directory fully accessible to the public.

AIVL would like to sincerely thank all organisations that supported and provided the information that made this directory possible.

 If you do operate an NSP, have a dispensing unit within your workplace/organisation or are a service that provides injecting equipment and would like your service to be included in our directory if it is not listed already, or to alert us of any errors, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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